Report Hazing

If you believe a person poses an immediate danger to self/others, or there is an imminent threat, call 911 or CSU Police at (970) 491-6425.

Thank you for sharing your concern about behavior that may be harmful to others. A strong community of students, faculty and staff who look out for each other is critical to the health of the university and the individuals who comprise our institution. Please review the following information and tips for reporting a hazing violation via this form:

  • Information submitted through this form will only be reviewed during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., on days the university is open.
  • If you are reporting a concern about a student organization, please include the full, formal name of the organization. Nicknames may make it more difficult to follow up.
  • If you are reporting because you are concerned about a student, please include the student’s full name and specific details about why you are concerned (e.g., the student is wearing the same clothing several days in a row, carrying heavy objects, has been asked to sleep somewhere other than their own home, etc.).
  • If you do not know the identity of the student or group who is potentially in violation, please try to determine the name of the student or group before submitting a report if possible.
  • If you do not have a significant amount of detail about your concern, that’s okay. We’d still like to assess your report; sometimes, reports with a little information support or clarify reports made by others about the same concerns.
  • Including some contact information when submitting this report ensures follow up is possible, especially if clarifying details are needed. Anonymous reports, while accepted, can make it more difficult to ensure information is known that enables follow up. Without adequate information, the university may not be able to respond as effectively. Sharing your contact information is strongly encouraged.

What you can expect:

  • Information shared in this report will be treated with discretion and a reasonable expectation of confidentiality. In order to hold students accountable for jeopardizing the health and safety of other students it may be necessary to make available details from the information provided from this report form to the person(s)/organization alleged.
  • The specific follow up to a report depends upon the amount of information provided. All reports are investigated as much as possible.

If you have questions about the process or would like to talk with someone (instead of or in addition to this reporting form), please contact Justin Schwendeman-Curtis, Accountability Specialist, at or 970-491-1143.

  • Examples of hazing or unhealthy group behavior include but are not limited to activities that are humiliating, controlling, degrading, abusive or dangerous as an expectation of joining or participating in a group. Behavior also may include isolation from family and friends who are not members of the group, or expectations to lie or disengage with others, or pressure to avoid involvement in other groups. Being intentionally deprived of sleep by group members, coerced into drinking large amounts of alcohol to below, being pressured or forced to participate in activities, forced exercise, or being yelled, cursed at or screamed at by others.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 31 MB.